Data Processing and Management

Our Data processing and management service includes.

  • Data Maintenance

    Data in a database rots and decays in exactly the same way as teeth do. Frequent data maintenance is required to keep the data in good health, ensuring that the rot cannot progress to a catastrophic stage. That’s one good argument for data maintenance, and it proves why it is an unavoidable task that all businesses must commit to.

  • Data Entry

    Data entry is considered a non–core process for most organizations and is usually performed on data forms such as spreadsheets, handwritten or scanned documents, audio or video. Addition, modification and deletion are the three modes of operation in data entry.

    Accurately keyed data is the base upon which the organization can perform analyses and make plans.

    Manual data entry often requires good concentration and focus over a long duration of time, and this can prove physically and mentally challenging for data entry workers. Here our Skilled Professinal make a difference.

  • Data Processing

    Data processing is essential to fintech businesses. With data processing, your fintech business can face the challenges and competition in the industry because it will allow you to focus on the productive activities that your firm should do.

    Typically, data processing services including check processing, form processing, image processing and insurance claims processing. Although these may appear minor to your fintech business, they can offer you high impact in the market. Image processing can significantly affect the marketing of your firm. Creating high quality images and putting them in brochures and catalogs will attract your target customers and clients.

  • Data Conversion

    Transformation (or translation) of data from one format to another is a tedious task. Data is extracted from a source, it is then transformed and loaded to another system. The extraction is based on a specified set of requirements. Let us take care of it.

  • Data Mining

    We help in Sifting through very large amounts of data for useful information. Our Data mining uses artificial intelligence techniques, neural networks, and advanced statistical tools (such as cluster analysis) to reveal trends, patterns, and relationships, which might otherwise have remained undetected. In contrast to an expert system (which draws inferences from the given data on the basis of a given set of rules) data mining attempts to discover hidden rules underlying the data.

  • Data Cleansing

    Data is one of your most valuable business assets. But like anything of value, it needs to be cared for and polished in order to keep it in good working order. Data cleansing by Future Vision enables you to protect the value of your data and ensure you gain maximum value from this prized asset.

  • New Database Creation

    Planning to create new database for your business? Follow our well tested Road Map and achieve 50% more valuable data.

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